hey! so i went to Hollister and their clothes are made extremely small so i got a large haha. I love the scent and their clothes, defiantly worth it. Plus, it was on sale! :D
mini charlotte russe haul.
don’t you love the funny sayings? :D
hey guys ily all :)

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2 new shirts c:
Star sweater : stitches c:
'Pardon My French': Charlotte Russe
i had a mini brandy haul!
okay so i got another ily to the moon and back bc my other one ripped :( but i got a new one so yay!
happy vday guys!!
okay so currently im wearing the one in the middle, and these happen to be my favourite vday colours! I defiantly recommend them :)
guys one of my pics got over 1k notes can you hear me crying??

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I have new uploads to show yall!! 

are you exited??

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 Anonymous: OMG I love your blog u must be perf! Keep working on ur blog! 😘👌

Thanks so much xox

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 exultances: do you live in Canada? Because at first I though you lived in American because of your brandy melville shirt then I saw Joshua perets hat and ardene then I was like "wait is she from Canada?"

yeahh i do haha :-)

i also ride my polar bear to school bc swag ;)

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